One Day Baths
The Wait for Your Luxury Bath Ends Today
Ready to upgrade your shower or bath without the money and hassle of an untimely remodel? Your bathroom renovation doesn’t have to require a messy construction zone that takes over your home for days on end. At Bath R Us, our remodel experts will custom finish and install your new tub, shower and surround to fit your existing space in one day or less.
Your One Day Bath is Just Around the Corner
Don’t let the clichés of a typical remodel stop you from attaining your dream bathroom. Our expert installation process will easily guide you from start to finish, including evaluating your bathroom, looking for areas of improvement and creating your ideal bath to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to convert your outdated bathtub to a spacious shower, increase accessibility for family members, or simply improve your style and design, Bath R Us can help you get there.
Tub and Shower Conversions
Transform your bathroom into the best space suited for your home. When converting your tub or shower into a new unit, our multi-layer acrylic will seal off your surround seamlessly while preventing leaks and future damage. You can rest assured your bathroom conversion will bring functionality to your home while cohesively blending into your existing space. With the help of our experts, your outdated tub or shower will be remodeled to last a lifetime.
One Day Baths
Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to be a difficult project that takes a substantial amount of time. Bath R Us will help remodel your current bathroom into a luxurious spa you can start enjoying in one day or less! Trust Bath R Us to follow through on our four commitments, guaranteed.
One Day or Less
Other companies can take days to complete your renovation, leaving you without the use of your bathroom for who knows how long! Bath R Us’ experts will use our efficient process to survey and design your new bath so installation will take virtually no time away from your satisfaction.
All the Updates, Half the Price
When you partner with Bath R Us, a wide variety of bathing solutions, including tubs, showers, accessories and enclosures will be at your fingertips! These highly-durable fixtures are complete with an affordable price tag, so you know your one day bath will last for many days to come!
No Mess, No Stress
Bathroom remodeling just became easy. Unlike a traditional remodel, your one day bath is skillfully installed by our experts who will be out of your hair in no time. Your new bathroom will be tailored to exceed your expectations while providing a fresh look and feel, without turning your space into a construction zone.
Built to Last
Insured with a limited lifetime warranty, our low maintenance bathtubs and showers are made of a high-tech polymer that remains mold and mildew resistant over time. Dirt and grime are no match for our long-lasting solutions that will fit your space flawlessly. 
Ready for Your One Day Bath Remodel? 
Begin experiencing your one day bath today. Our remodel experts will guide you through the process to ensure your new bathroom will be one you’re proud of. Schedule your free bathroom remodeling consultation and talk to us about your financing options today!
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