Complete Bathroom Remodels
Luxury Tubs and Showers at Affordable Prices
Sometimes your bathroom needs more than a new tub or shower unit to complete your remodel. Flooring and vanities are eye-catching elements that can have a major effect on your bathroom décor. When updating these features with Bath R Us, not only will you increase the value of your bathroom, you’ll improve your functionality and style.
Your Bathroom is More Than a Bath
First impressions are long-lasting, so ensure your bathroom lives up to high expectations. Whether you’re looking to attract potential buyers or modernize your outdated bathroom, statement pieces such as flooring and vanities could be the final touch you’re missing. With access to convenient storage space and low-maintenance floors that resist dirt and grime, your complete bathroom remodel will be sure to keep up with your lifestyle. 

Feel refreshed when you step into your new space and experience what a Bath R Us complete bathroom remodel can do for your home.
Your flooring should captivate the attention of your guests when they enter your bathroom. Bath R Us offers rich, vinyl plank flooring that can handle daily traffic in your master retreat, chaotic kids bathroom or guest space. Our durable yet low maintenance options allow you to customize your flooring without compensating on quality. Best of all, our entire floor line is waterproof, so stains, open seams and warping are a thing of the past! Bath R Us introduces practicality into your bathroom with our easy-to-clean and time-tested solutions. No matter the look you’re trying to achieve, our various styles are sure to please the eye without breaking the bank.
+ Design Options
Brook Park Oak
Chiffon Lace Oak
Sterling Oak
Heirloom Pine
Choice Oak
+ Design Options
Sleek, cultured marble is complete with a gloss or matte finish to give a grand look to your countertops.
+ Design Options
Solid White
Solid Heather
Solid Biscuit
Platinum of White
Taupe of White
Integrated, above-the-counter and utility sinks are ready to add flair to your bathroom while increasing performance.
+ Design Options
+ Design Options
- Brushed Nickel
- Chrome
- Oil Rubbed Bronze
- Brushed Nickel
- Chrome
- Black Matte
- Brushed Nickel
- Chrome
- Black Matte
- Bronze (not oil rubbed)
Mirrors/Medicine Cabinets
Complete with medicine cabinets, our mirrors will decorate your space while making your daily items accessible behind closed doors.
+ Design Options
Beveled Edge
Trie-View Mirror
Ceiling Fixtures
Three-light vanity options and exhaust fans are available to brighten your space and dehumidify the air to ensure comfort in your bathroom.
Start Your Complete Bathroom Remodel Today
View our additional solutions below that can help you imagine what a complete bathroom remodel can do for you. You deserve convenience and functionality during your most vulnerable of times. With the right vanity in place, rest assured your bathroom necessities will only ever be a grasp away. Don’t forget to highlight your unique style when you customize your cabinets, countertops and more to truly make a statement in your bathroom. 
Your Dream Bathroom Awaits
Begin experiencing your updated bath today. Our remodel and replacement experts will guide you through the process to ensure your new bathroom will be one you’re proud of.
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