Accessories and Fixtures
Your Bath Remodel Just Got Better
It isn’t just your tub or shower unit that makes your bathroom feel like home. Our extensive line of accessories and fixtures are ready to personalize your bathroom for your premium convenience and functionality. Durable, family-friendly bath accessories will transform your space into one you’ve always dreamed of at a fraction of the cost.
The Little Details Make a Big Impact
At Bath R Us, the customizations don’t stop with our designs and colors. Our remodel experts will work with you to create a bathroom to meet your needs while complementing your family’s lifestyle. The combinations are endless with our high-quality accessories and fixtures to match the style of your tub or shower seamlessly. Convenience features, water elements, shelving units and finishing touches will bring your updated bathroom to life. From traditional to modern solutions, our accessories are sure to accommodate your bath routine so you can start getting clean in style with ease.
Shaving Stands
Available for your tub or shower, our shaving stands act as a handy footrest while washing or maintaining your legs so you can keep your balance and refrain from slips or falls. 
Soap Dishes
Some things never go out of style! Our traditional and timeless soap dishes can be placed in any location for your ease of use. 
Grab Bars
Strong and sturdy grab bars are a necessity for navigating your bath. With the ability to hold up to 500lbs, and a lifetime warranty on all of our finishes, you can trust our convenient supports.
Water Elements
Provided by Moen, Delta and Liquid Accents.
Shower Head
Whether you’re looking for fixtures with bluetooth capabilities or units with matching mixer valves and tub spouts, we have it all. Our rain, hand-held, and four-function shower heads will allow you to awaken every morning refreshed and ready to go. 
Shower Rod
Prevent leakage in your surround with a shower rod that won’t let you down. Our 100% stainless steel rods come curved or straight, allowing you to maximize space while completing the look of your shower.
Highly visible fixtures in your bathroom can make a statement. Our two and single handle faucets are ADA compliant and save water, so you can save money while sustaining your hygiene.
Shelving Units
Products Are Easily Stored for Your Convenience
Corner caddies and shelving units can add a polished and organized look by displaying all your bathing essentials. From single to four tier options, these bathroom accessories will provide superior storage wide enough to fit all of your bathing products while adding a classic look to any setting. Built-in and level soap dishes and footrests are easy to clean and supply extra usability when you need it most. Of course, you can customize your bath to include as many shelving units as you please, all of which can be installed at any height!
Finishing Touches
Your New Remodel May Be Missing Something
Your bathroom isn’t complete until you add the finishing touches! Match your aesthetic from floor to ceiling by updating essential hardware that makes your bathroom feel like home. With finishes that resist corrosion and tarnishing through everyday use, your newly updated bathroom is sure to stand the test of time.
Toilet Paper Holders
Chrome, nickel or bronze finishes are sure to give your bathroom the pop of style it needs.
Robe Hooks
Everyday feels like a spa when your bathrobe is only a grasp away! Feel comfortable knowing when you leave your bath, you’ll never be cold again.
Towel Rings and Bars
Designer towel rings and bars give your bathroom a polished and lavish feel.
Your Updated Bathroom Awaits
Don’t hesitate to add the little details into your bathroom that it deserves. Bath R Us’s long lasting bathroom accessories will stand the test of time and enhance your space for years to come, without breaking the bank. So, what’s holding you back?
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