Enjoy a Safe and Secure Bathroom
Bath R Us is proud to offer a line of accessibility options that can bring peace and serenity to your bathroom. The aging population and those with limited mobility deserve a comfortable bathing experience while prioritizing safety. Allow our ADA complainant bathing solutions and easy-access units to help you or your loved ones remain self-sufficient during this time. 

With seating, shower, and bathtub resources available, you’ll never have to sacrifice your bathing independence.
Add some extra security to your bathing routine with our bathtub and shower seating options. Our wide variety of benches, corner seats and adjustable chairs will increase comfort and stability when you’re getting clean while giving your legs a rest. You can choose between different colors and styles to customize your seating arrangement to include L-shapes, cushions, wall-mounting, free standing, folding solutions and more.
Walk-in Tubs
Manufacturing premium deep and spacious walk-in tubs to add comfort and accessibility to your bathroom is what we do. Our units are thoughtfully designed so those with limited mobility can easily maneuver inside and out without requiring additional assistance. Our walk-in tubs create a spa-like and therapeutic experience while you utilize our innovate features, such as:

Hydro Massage: Directional jets apply water pressure to your body to alleviate soreness while aiding in relaxation. 

Air Massage: Encourage a gentle and calming bath when preheated air shoots to soothe aching muscles and reduce chronic pain.  

Promote health and well-being by placing scented beads inside the scent reservoir to begin smelling your favorite aromas. 

LED lights change the color projected on the water, proven to increase one’s mood and enhance tranquility.You and your loved ones are sure to stay independent longer while relaxing and reducing stress inside our easily accessible walk-in tubs.
Barrier-Free Showers
Bath R Us provides alternatives to those requiring accessibility options who aren’t interested in a walk-in tub. Allow our barrier-free showers to furnish and upgrade your bathroom for increased convenience while remaining self-sufficient. Simply step inside your new shower without worries of slips or falls when you partner with Bath R Us.
Walk-Thru Inserts
Easily access your bathtub in a safe and secured manner when you reduce the height of your tub edge with our walk-thru inserts. These units can be fastened to your existing tub, creating an affordable option that can be installed in less than a day!
Your Dream Bathroom Awaits
Achieve peace of mind with our accessibility options. Begin experiencing your safe and secure bathroom today. Our remodel and replacement experts will guide you through the process to ensure your new bathroom will have accessibility and comfort in mind.
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